Tầng 3-4, Toà nhà The CBD Premium Home,
125 Đồng Văn Cống, P. Thạnh Mỹ Lợi, Quận 2, TP.HCM
Floor 3-4, The CBD Premium Home,
125 Dong Van Cong Street, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, HCM City
SnowTown Saigon
SnowTown Saigon
SnowTown Saigon
SnowTown Saigon



With children, birthday party is the most awaited moment of the year, so why not host a special kid party? Let give your kid and your family an impressive Western winter-style party at Snow Town. We are here to make it happen and share the most memorable moment of their special day.


We create a unique package based on the interest of each kid together with mascot activities, magic performance, ballon twisting.
Children can select the job or the charater of their dream and they will be the central of the party. This arrangement helps them to shine bright on their special day. Kids and guests are given free entrance to snow area and enjoy the games here. Snow Town creates a space for children to interact, play together and capture the unforgettable moments with their family and friends.

1. Party Birthday

Snow Town creates personalized program which will be led by our MC together with other activities like magic performances, exciting activities to get children participate in the games. The kid’s birthday party will be filled with lots of laughter and meanings.
Party Theme: There are many themes to choose from or you can choose any theme that define your kid personality. Help them to shine brightly on the day of welcoming new age.
Party Menu: Flexible menu offers a variety of food; parent can easily choose a favorite set of dishes for kids.
Free fun: Kid and friends can freely play on snow area.

Our professional, enthusiastic and dedicated staff are here to bring the most satisfactory service to our customers.

2. Party Arrangement

Snow Town has a special team to design and decorate the birthday party for kid according to any ideas from parent and kid to come out with the most unique party.

3. Additional Service


Eye catching designed Bear Restaurant offered variety of foods and beverages for family to choose from which also include children’s portion dishes


– Hamburger Combo (Picture)
– Rice Combo (Picture)
– Chicken Combo (Picture)

Show Performance

– Magicians, balloon twisting clowns, toy figurine craftsman (tò he), live show and interactive performance with friends, bringing a fun and intimate atmosphere throughout the party
The program can be adjusted and added in the services as required by customers:
– Magic Performance, Circus Clown
– Balloon Twisting Clown
– MC Clown and Interative Activities
– Sound, Lighting, Backdrop, Stage
– Guest Welcoming by Mascot Animation

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