Introduce SnowTown Sai Gon

13668829_1779284655653517_3267480869146276783_oSnow Town Saigon – is the most fantastic and modern snow town in Vietnam. It promises to bring entirely different and amazing experiences on you and your family. That’s wonderful, everybody!

For the first time, there is a Western snow town which blanketed in a beautiful snow so powdery the slightest wind blew the roofs clean all the year round in Sai Gon – project of Phuoc Thanh investor.

With Japan technology, fresh snow is always pumped out by an artificial snow machine and forming the blanket of fluffy snow thickness more 30 cm. The hall is kept at a refreshing 16 – 18 degrees Celsius so it never really gets cold although it is certainly an interesting change from the tropical temperatures of Sai Gon.

You and family can expect lots of laughter; especially your children when they love rolling about in the fluffy white powder, climbing the snow mounds, playing with a ball or simply just dancing under the snowfall in the cool atmosphere of Western snow town which never had in Viet Nam. That sounds amazing!


More specifically, you will have a chance to join in ski challenge on the snow slope to 8m high with professional foreigner coaches.


There are 6 attractive activities at Snow Town Sai Gon which you have to try:

– Snow land

– Motion magic 3D Game

– Ski training

– Kid playground

– Garden handmade

– Snow Family restaurant